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  • jasonsypolt
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    SS3 and Amazon S3 Link to this post

    Hello, I'm working on a SilverStripe 3 site and would like to store images and files on S3 so that I can scale my site across several EC2 instances. In the past on 2.4.7 sites I had used the Uploadify module to do this, but it doesn't seem to work with SilverStripe 3 because of the framework and datamodel changes. Is there any sort of support for S3 built in to SilverStripe 3 for this, or a module that supports S3 as a storage option?

  • odraska
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    Re: SS3 and Amazon S3 Link to this post

    we are using many amazon services. We have cluster of servers with EC2 instances and on each instance we mount S3 storage as a external drive.
    We are using s3fs
    su -c "/usr/bin/s3fs aws_bucket local_dir -odefault_acl=public-read -oallow_other -ouse_cache=cache_dir" user_name

    than you can use S3 as local drive(directory)

    Fuse can download:

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