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  • AlaVive
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    DataObjectManager and SearchContext: Best use question Link to this post

    I'm a bit of a green stump with the following issue, so please don't judge too harshly if I need some prodding to even ASK the question correctly...

    I need to be able to upload a bulk of PDF files and tag them with different criteria to be searchable and sortable from a search form located throughout the site. My understanding is that DataObjectManager (DataFileManager) and SearchContext are the best way to approach this, but I still can't wrap my head around how to manage it:

    To each PDF, we need to be able to add a title and description then to tag it with the proper category/categories, associated language(s), and brand. Ideally, a broad keyword search will pull from any of the criteria. The category, language, and brand should be selectable from three different drop-downs in the form.

    Preferably, when a keyword is entered, the brand/category/language is an additional search criteria, so that, when someone enters "pig" as the keyword, and then selects "German" as the language and "Pink" as the brand, only German-language/Pink-branded PDFs with "Pig" in the title/description would appear in the results.

    Is this even possible SS? Even if I outsource this to a partner with more sense in these matters, I'd like to be able to endow him with an arsenal of what resources/examples are available.

    Thanks in advance.

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