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  • merrick_sd
    Community Member
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    Ecommerce Reports Link to this post

    Are Orders recorded?


    gives me

    Fatal error: Class 'DataReport' not found in /home/silverstripe/public_html/ecommerce/code/reports/OrderReport.php on line 7

  • lanks
    Community Member
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    Re: Ecommerce Reports Link to this post

    You can view your Order Reports in the cms under the "Reports" Tab.

  • merrick_sd
    Community Member
    95 Posts

    Re: Ecommerce Reports Link to this post

    I don't have a Reports Tab, or didn't until

    In Ecommerce >Code> Reports > OrderReport.php

    It says class OrderReport extends DataReport

    I tried changing it to
    class OrderReport extends SSReport { .... as a total guess

    and yes now Reports now appears at the top ..but doesn't do much no reports show on left

    user_error(Please implement getReportField() on OrderReport,256) line 94 of SSReport.php SSReport->getReportField() line 64 of SSReport.php SSReport->getCMSFields() line 172 of ReportAdmin.php ReportAdmin->reportEditFormFor(OrderReport) line 100 of ReportAdmin.php ReportAdmin->show(HTTPRequest) line 159 of Controller.php Controller->handleAction(HTTPRequest) line 129 of RequestHandler.php RequestHandler->handleRequest(HTTPRequest) line 119 of Controller.php Controller->handleRequest(HTTPRequest) line 277 of Director.php Director::handleRequest(HTTPRequest,Session) line 121 of Director.php Director::direct(/admin/reports/show/OrderReport) line 118 of main.php

    and thats where the error lies or starts as the is no DataReport

    I've hear mention that DataReport isn't used anymore in SilverStripe New versions

    Im using silverstripe-v2.3.4 with ecommerce 0.5.3 as its the stable version!

    I have a Side reports Tab for quick filtering but it doesn't have anything to do with orders .etc

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