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  • MorayWeb
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    E-Commerce Module 2.4 Beta Compatible? Link to this post

    I have been holding off using SS for projects as I like to use 'friendly' urls on the sites I develop, and thanks to the 2.4 beta I can now get stuck in!

    I have a couple of sites in the pipeline that would benefit from using the E-Commerce module, but when I tried installing it I get an error on rebuilding the database - "Notice: DataObjectDecorator::extraDBFields() is deprecated. Please use extraStatics() instead."

    Is this an incompatibility in the E-Commerce module with SS2.4 or is there something else I am not doing, or required modules etc...

    Any help appreciated!



  • HansR
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    Re: E-Commerce Module 2.4 Beta Compatible? Link to this post

    Are you sure that these were errors and not warnings? Deprecated functions are functions that shouldn't be used in new code, but should still work. So, this shouldn't stop the module from working.

    I had a quick search for "extraDBFields" in the e-commerce code, and none of the classes have this method. So, this warning is probably generated by another module.


  • Rawish
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    Re: E-Commerce Module 2.4 Beta Compatible? Link to this post


    Got the same warning and yes it is just a warning. Disable dev mode and it is fine. My problem is now, is it also possible to disable this specific warning in dev mode? This because this is the first from more to occur and this way I'm not able to work down my full site in dev mode.

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