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  • mattconfusion
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    Order Reports not showing + problems with proceed order Link to this post

    How backoffice issues are managed under the E-commerce module? I guess it's done from the order Reports showing on the cMS interface. Ok, well, I see product reports, featured products report but no order reports generated. Could it be that there are no Orders placed? Trying to place an order gives me the error already reported


    148    /**
    149     * @todo Improve documentation
    150     */
    151    static function ancestry($class, $onlyWithTables = false) {
    152       global $_ALL_CLASSES;
    154       if(is_object($class)) $class = $class->class;
    155       else if(!is_string($class)) user_error("Bad class value " . var_export($class, true) . " passed to ClassInfo::ancestry()", E_USER_WARNING);
    157       $items = $_ALL_CLASSES['parents'][$class];
    158       $items[$class] = $class;
    159       if($onlyWithTables) foreach($items as $item) {
    160          if(!DataObject::has_own_table($item)) unset($items[$item]);
    161       }
    162       return $items;
    163    }


    Catchable fatal error: Method Order_Item::__toString() must return a string value

    I'm using SS 0.5.4 with silverstripe 2.3.7, downgraded from 2.4 because it was not working. The trunk gets errors on installation.

    Someone could suggest me somthing to do???

  • biapar
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