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Discuss about the various e-commerce modules available:
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  • Sunnybex
    Community Member
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    How to Install Ecommerce - and what I did... Link to this post

    "For a new onlineshop I only need the ecommmerce-module" so thought...
    and had to make a few adjustments:

    based on
    silverstripe 2.4.1.rc1

    I had to get


    (it is all downloadable in the extensions-section)

    and changed in ecommerceextras\code\reports\salesreport.php and in ecommerceextras\code\reports\paymentreport.php
    in both lines 6 from "SSReport" to "SS_Report"

    and now it works... after two days work

    ... in english... guess I have todo a bit on the lang-file (de_DE) myself.

    Anyway, hope this helps (for todays versions)


  • Sunnybex
    Community Member
    39 Posts

    Re: How to Install Ecommerce - and what I did... Link to this post

    After I did not receive any erroro messages yesterday- today I discovered the product-page is somehow missing and evrytime I try to save a picture the page type switches to 'accountpage'. Weird.
    I tried the code mentioned by bambii7 (http://silverstripe-ecommerce.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/code/products/Product.php) (copy-paste is a wonderfull invention)
    and so far it seems fine...

    33 mins later:
    nope, did not work. I took out _extendedproductvariations and _anypriceproduct but still have the backswitch to AccountPage. bäh.

    producing a new ProductPage saves at least the image, but after going to the stage site I got this : Fatal error: Call to undefined method ShoppingCart::get_item_by_id() in C:\Programme\wamp\www\silverstripe\ecommerce\code\products\Product.php on line 240

  • Bambii7
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    Re: How to Install Ecommerce - and what I did... Link to this post

    Hi Sunnybex.
    I tried setting up my first ecommerce silverstripe site a few weeks ago and found out that it wasn't quite all there.
    I haven't been using any of the other ecommerce extensions "ecommerce_extendedproductvariations" only the latest release of ecommerce from that googlecode link. And the most recent Payments module down loaded from the extensions. There were a few errors to fix but mostly looking good.
    The other modules and ecommerce module are only compatible on ss 2.3 (I think don't quote me) but from what I can tell the google code ecommerce project is getting updated daily. I don't think its intended to be used on a live site just yet. But you should be able to set up the old ecommerce module on an older version of ss with the modules you needed.

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