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Discuss about the various e-commerce modules available:
Ecommerce, SS Shop, SilverCart and SwipeStripe
Alternatively, have a look the shared mailinglist.

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  • StuM
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    Re: E-commerce Alternative Link to this post

    What happened to OsCommerce, nobody use that anymore?

    I'm currently looking at doing a bit of professional development with a eCommerce solution, I'm die-hard SilverStripe and especially Sapphire, but decided I'd look at what others are doing and maybe go back to being a php developer, instead of a SilverStripe developer.

    I tried Magento yesterday, and although it was very feature rich, the install was buggy and it took 2 attempts to get it going because I was using a development server without a valid ip address. I then managed to add some products, but to get to them, I had to go to Site Map > Product Site Map, there was plenty of tutorials around to get them on the home page, but none of them worked. So it looks like it's a large learning curve, and you'll probably need an expert to manage your store.

    I've just read this thread and am going to try the burnbright branch today, some good info here so a good thread to bump

  • Ramon
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    Re: E-commerce Alternative Link to this post

    Hi there,

    We are 100% pure software developers, specialized in building online stores, data driven websites and complex interfaces. Maybe you want to have a look at our e-commerce module SilverCart. We are just about to release 1.0 final, the release candidate is already available.

    We have 2 shops already launched, 1 project (with > 70.000 products, interfaces to ERP and DHL Shipping) and another smaller project going live this month. Our 5th SilverCart based project is planned to be launched in June. Screencasts, API-documentation, support forum are available. Support for PayPal and iPayment is already done, our payment API is flexible enough to handle any checkout process you can think of.

    SilverCart is quite comprehensive, even though we are not as feature complete as those shopping carts mentioned prior in this thread. But new features fly in almost weekly and we do have a lot of plans. We are literally obsessed with SilverCart

    Learn more about it: http://www.silvercart.org/


  • stallain
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    Re: E-commerce Alternative Link to this post

    Thanks for sharing ! Seems to be a nice module. I'll have a try on one of my next projects.

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