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  • Jedateach
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    LATEST VERSION - please test 0.8.2-rc1 ! Link to this post

    Here is the first release candidate for eCommerce version 0.8.2

    Download: http://code.google.com/p/silverstripe-ecommerce/downloads/detail?name=ecommerce-0.8.2-rc1.zip
    SVN tag: http://silverstripe-ecommerce.googlecode.com/svn/tags/rc/0.8.2-rc1

    In this version we have:

    • - created the ability for orders to be placed without logging in. This means that orders now finish at mysite/checkout/finish/{id} rater than mysiate/account/order/{id}. This is an optional feature, which can be enabled via _config settings. (more here)
    • - started developer and user documentation - see ecommerce/docs folder. You need sapphiredocs module to be able to view this. Or visit: http://ecommerce-demo.burnbright.co.nz/docs . If there's anything specific you'd like to see in these docs, let me know.
    • - started writing unit tests for the code.
    • - introduced mysite/dev/ecommerce - a place that lists ecommerce specific developer tasks
    • - view this changelog for more details on what has changed / is changing.

    Providing feedback
    If you find bugs / faults in this candidate, then please reply on this thread. Feature requests and general support should be posted elsewhere.

  • Terry Apodaca
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    Re: LATEST VERSION - please test 0.8.2-rc1 ! Link to this post


    Couple questions...well, one actually.

    Which do we need to copy to our _config.php file? Both the Readme and the module _config file have the notes to copy everything between the

    //-----------------------------------START ECOMMERCE MODULE CONFIG -------------------------------------

    //------------------------------------END ECOMMERCE MODULE CONFIG ---------------------------------------

    but with this release they are different in the actual configurations/naming/etc. Should we actually be using the code from the Readme file? I get errors similar to this : Fatal error: Call to undefined method ShoppingCart::set_fixed_country_code() and the line from the config file is: ShoppingCart::set_fixed_country_code("US"); //always use the same country code

    I am sure one is more up to date than the other...just wondering which one to use for my mysite config.


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