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    How to create ordersteps in trunk-r802 Link to this post

    ecommerce/code/model/Order.php Line 379 gives error:

    370    //NOTE: anything to do with Current Member and Session should be in Shopping Cart!
    371    public function init() {
    372       //to do: check if shop is open....
    373       $this->initModifiers();
    374       if(!$this->StatusID) {
    375          if($newStatus = DataObject::get_one("OrderStep")) {
    376             $this->StatusID = $newStatus->ID;
    377          }
    378          else {
    379             user_error("There are no OrderSteps ... please Run Dev/Build", E_USER_WARNING);
    380          }
    381       }
    382       $this->extend('onInit');
    383       $this->write();
    384       return $this;
    385    }

    also how can i add the order status option under Process tab in shop config.
    it don't let me make any and also the saving on shop config under admin is unpossible

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