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  • Imbrondir
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    Uninstalling ecommerce on postgresql Link to this post

    I have ecommerce on my server running on postgresql. But after switching to Foxycart I want to uninstall it. This has proved to be difficult to do, as removing the files ain't enough. Before removing the ecommerce (and payment) module I keep getting this error:

    [Warning] pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: syntax error at or near "FROM" LINE 1: SHOW COLUMNS FROM `Order` LIKE 'Shipping' ^

    Which I assume is coming from the ecommerce module. I'm no SQL expert, but after some research I understand "SHOW" is a MySQL command, which won't work on postgresql.

    However after removing the module, I get this error

    [Warning] pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: check constraint "SiteTree_ClassName_check" is violated by some row

    pg_query(Resource id #54,ALTER TABLE "SiteTree" ALTER COLUMN "ClassName" TYPE varchar(255) , ALTER COLUMN "ClassName" DROP DEFAULT, ALTER COLUMN "ClassName" SET default 'SiteTree', DROP CONSTRAINT "SiteTree_ClassName_check", ADD CONSTRAINT "SiteTree_ClassName_check" check ("ClassName" in ('SiteTree', 'Page', 'FCategoryPage', 'FProductPage', 'FTopCategoryPage', 'FishTankHolder', 'HomePage', 'ErrorPage', 'RedirectorPage', 'VirtualPage', 'FishTankPage')))
    Line 187 of PostgreSQLDatabase.php

    Further info here: http://silverstripe.org/general-questions/show/17358

    Now obviously I was quite dumb for evaluating the module on the server (though it wasn't live at the time). But is there any way I could remove it safely without rendering my database useless?

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