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  • bit99
    Community Member
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    stock control module or other alternatives Link to this post

    I am using the ecommerce module.

    And I am in need on some type of simple way to manage inventory and found the stockcontrol module.
    But I cant find much info or comments on this module. which version to use?
    Does anyone have any experience using this module? it seems to not have been updated recently. I am just wondering if it works well, and works with 2.4.5 and 0.8 ?
    (Before I install it and get into trouble)
    I mainly need it to have x number of items, and a way to update the quantity after purchase (not upon checkout, upon paypal visa transaction). and then have it say out of stock when quantity goes to zero.

    personal comments on the ecommerce module:
    It works pretty well/great after a bunch of tweaking/fixing/looking through the millions of php and ss etc to modify and figure out which file calls up which other file that includes which other file that creates/displays which data etc.
    It definitely takes a bit of time and theres not too much user info on how to incorporate.
    But - Its definitely a great working module with a whole bunch of work put into it from a bunch of great people.


  • Nicolaas
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    Re: stock control module or other alternatives Link to this post

    Hi Bit99

    I created the stock module and you are right that it needs a lot of documentation. You can see it in action here: www.silverstripe-ecommerce.com and you can also post any questions here.

    If you have any questions about "how it works", etc... then I will place that in documentation in the module so that everyone will benefit from it.

    I am not sure if this module works on other versions of e-commerce, but I intend to make sure that it will.


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