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  • Zyzzza
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    Size, colour, Attributes management Link to this post

    Hi All , I raised a question http://code.google.com/p/silverstripe-ecommerce/issues/detail?id=170 , however will repost it here, to get a better understaning on how it could be done and is there an easy solution for what i need.

    Basically, as for now (0.8.2 rc1) :
    1. You have to create different variations of products to introduce the Size (quite a difficult and long process)
    2. You ahve to create all those Attributes from amdin panel - which is a real problem explaining this to a client.
    3. Upon order - variation is not shown on invoice, nor it come with an email - the only way you can find which variation was ordered -go to orders->Search for items->click on Items Tab. You wont see size or color ANYWHERE on main order page or in your email. This would be good having fixed ASAP.

    I would be glad to hear it is possible doing something like :
    1. Having an easy interface for entering attribute for an item (for example a simple textfield with comma separated values would do for
    most of attributes (such as size, color, etc). And it doe not require changing price (in my case most of my clients who are selling shoes and clothes are charging same price for the different sizes). So this would be a REALLY USEFULL FEATURE.
    2. On the site this comma separated values would be changed into a dropdown menu
    3. The item name with selction would appear on ALL invoices , emails, etc.

    Imagine how much easier people could add items to the shop (In my latest case we've got over 800 items to enter with 4-6 Size attributes each, so creating variations is not a right way to do it - a textfield would be just the best solution! )

    Thanks for any hints tips and ideas on that , hopefully its somehow doable

  • BenWu
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    Re: Size, colour, Attributes management Link to this post

    i haven't tried this one

    but it may do what you need to do

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