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  • BartM
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    Showing one product in multiple product groups Link to this post

    Hi all,

    After playing around with the ecommerce module (version 0.8.2) for a while there seems to be just one thing that I cannot figure out.
    After creating a product (and saving it), I use the checkboxes on the 'Product Groups' tab to select the two groups that I want the product to be part of, including the product that the product is attached to in the site tree.
    However, after saving and publishing the product, it still only shows in the one category on the actual site. I've tried saving all the product groups it should fall under, but no effect.

    The only thing that does work is using admin/publishall, but this is overkill for this situation, and has the undesired side effect of publishing content unrelated to the product I'm trying to publish.

    Could anyone help me out with this? Since I don't see a rash of posts on the forum about the 'show in multiple categories' now working, I assume that I'm simply overlooking something obvious.

    Thanks in advance,

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