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  • nimesodelta
    Community Member
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    Help with super simple OrderModifier Link to this post

    Hey all,

    Firstly, thanks for all the hard work everyone has been doing on the cart! looking great!

    Please help.

    All I want to do is create a custom Modifier that does nothing more than add $10 to the order Total. I dont need any ModifierForms etc etc... just add $10 to the total
    I know, I know... this should be easy... I have the following:

    class ModifierExample extends OrderModifier {
       protected function LiveName() {
          return "Test";

       protected function LiveCalculatedTotal() {
          return 10;

       public function LiveTableValue() {
          return $this->LiveCalculatedTotal();

    and added correct line to _config

    But i get the following error going to the checkout page:
    [User Error] While the order can be edited, you must call the runUpdate method everytime you get the details for this modifier

    Sessions cleared dev/build etc etc all done..
    Sorry if I'm completely missing something stupid here... it's driving me nuts! Thanks in advance

  • Jedateach
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Help with super simple OrderModifier Link to this post

    Hi nimesodelta,

    In the latest version of shop, this should be enough:

    class ModifierExample extends OrderModifier {
    function value() {
    return 10;

    ...not tested though.

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