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Discuss about the various e-commerce modules available:
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  • parkbenchbruce
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    First time setup Link to this post

    I thought I would play around with Silverstripe as it seems to be a very nice CMS. I installed version 3.05 on my webserver using Softalicious. I changed the theme to bookshop, then added the bookshop ecommerce module by uploading it as a sub folder into the silverstripe folder. I looked at http://code.google.com/p/silverstripe-ecommerce/ and followed the steps:
    Setup steps:
    1.Install SilverStripe to your web server, using their instructions.
    2.Install the eCommerce module by adding the ecommerce folder to your silverstripe site's main directory.
    3.Install the payment module by adding it's folder to your silverstripe site's main directory.
    4.Visit http://yourwebsite/dev/build?flush=all to make sure the database is configured.
    I did all of these steps. The site did not install the ecommerce parts onto the web page.

    My test website is www.meadowbank.biz/stripe. The question Is there a test ecommerce theme? I suspect there are version problems. I figure that the theme is old and having read the development of the ecommerce modules history I suspect that it might be better to ask.

  • swaiba
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    Re: First time setup Link to this post


    Welcome to the forums!

    My first guess would be "version 2.4+" actually means "version 2.4.x"

    In my experience nothing works on both SS 2.4.x and 3.x, so my guess is that it will never work and you need to choose a new module for SS3.

  • parkbenchbruce
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    Re: First time setup Link to this post


    Thanks for the welcome. My next question is where is the version displayed? Mixing versions is always the problem with each CMS. Does Silverstripe list which modules migrate best? Is there a version SS3 only section? It seems there is a demo using simple theme.

    Has anyone tried the sunny-side-up demo?
    I have tried to apply the simple theme to e-commerce:


    Note that this shows the e-commerce module with a modified "simple" theme (https://github.com/sunnysideup/silverstripe-simple) but without any simple_ecommerce modifications. In other words, you can load e-commerce, add the (modified) simple theme and what you will see is the link above

    Any single file download of this site?

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