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  • flipsidenz
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    Swipestripe - Stock Inventory Management Link to this post

    Hi there,

    I have started to work with a SS 3.1 / Swipestripe install and I am wondering whether there is a pre-existing inventory management module for swipestripe? I'm not after anything fancy, simply a stock level which decrements with each purchase of a product is made - and perhaps the ability to set a product to sold out/out of stock when a product's stock level hits zero.

    Please let me know if you can help.



  • flipsidenz
    Community Member
    49 Posts

    Re: Swipestripe - Stock Inventory Management Link to this post

    Surprised there was no ideas for such a common issue. However...

    To resolve this I created my own field in the product dataobject called stock. Then, to decrement the product stock levels upon successful purchase of said product, I simply extended Payment_Extension and added the function "onAfterWrite" to my dataextension. Within onAfterWrite, I applied straight forward logic to decrement each products stock level:

    function onAfterWrite() {

          $order = $this->owner->Order();

          if ($order && $order->exists()) {
             $order->PaymentStatus = ($order->getPaid()) ? 'Paid' : 'Unpaid';

             if($order->PaymentStatus == 'Paid'){

                $items = $order->Items();

                foreach($items as $item){
                   $qty = $item->Quantity;
                   $prodId = $item->ProductID;

                   $prod = Product::get()->byID($prodId);
                   $prod->Stock = $prod->Stock - $qty;

  • frankmullenger
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    Re: Swipestripe - Stock Inventory Management Link to this post

    Really pleased that you could achieve this without too much trouble! That is the intention with SwipeStripe - a module that is easy to extend and customise for your needs. If you ever make this work into a module please let me know.

    There was a stock management feature of the previous version however it was stripped out and hasn't been pulled into it's own module yet, it worked on the basis that stock reduced once an item was in a cart but I think a lot of people would like the approach you have used.


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