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  • OnebyOne
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    Bugs & Problems Link to this post

    I'm using SS2.3.0 rc3 and latest ecommerce daily build:

    1) line 49 in OrderForm.php --> $setContryLink = ShoppingCart_Controller::set_country_link(); shouldn't be $setCountryLink... ?

    2) Tax Modifier --> I set up the tax modifier (inclusive, exclusive) but nothing is changing
    i put in mysite _config.php:
    a) Order::set_modifiers(array('TaxModifier'));
    b) TaxModifier::set_for_country .... - i've tried with and without it - nothing;
    Here i must say i changed the Geoip countries to my country counties.

    3) Use Different Shipping Address - doesn't skip the initial form validation Line 106 - 113 from OredrForm.php i think is supose to do this;

    4) The button Use the Billing Address for shiping doesn't appear when clicking Use Different Shipping Address. in fact because of point 3 problem the form doesn't apear.

    5) A better delimitation for Use Different Shipping Address, to be uncomment by the people who don't want it;

    Next time I'll post the admin problems of ecommerce.


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