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  • msouden
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    timeline for next release? Link to this post

    Hi All - i'd like to do my next site with SS 2.3 but there's an ecommerce component to it - I'm looking at a 4-week deadline. Is there a estimated delivery of the stability of the next release for this module? How many people are working on it actively at the moment?

  • runnerman
    Community Member
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    Re: timeline for next release? Link to this post

    I would also be interested in hearing when the next stable release of ecommerce is expected, as I need the use of the reports section.

  • TotalNet
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    Re: timeline for next release? Link to this post

    I've just installed the latest trunk build on my development server to see how things are going.

    There are a few bugs and the order management usability is pretty bad, I think we're a way off from a stable release, sadly.

    I don't have access to the dev area for this module but i'd like to help any way I can, even if that's just testing. Is anyone actively working on this module at the moment?

    I will have a go at patching it up best I can by removing the bits that don't work well, I really don't want to install a complete shopping cart application so this module is the best bet really.



  • Jedateach
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: timeline for next release? Link to this post

    A google group was set up for the purpose of ecommerce dev. I don't think SilverStripe is actively working on the module, so it remains up to the community to keep it moving.

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