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  • sypher
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    Removing Cheque Payment Method *solved Link to this post

    Hi, i have been working on an install of the e-commerce module, i dont require any payment options so is it possible to remove the cheque option that the module defaults to if no other methods are specified?

    i have tried adding a blank array to the config file and this hides the cheque option from the checkout page but throws an error when completing an order (Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in .\sapphire\core\Object.php on line 99)

    i pretty much just want the module to operate as it would with the cheque option, but not actually show it to the end user.

    in the mean time i have simply hidden the payment method option with css

    currently looking for a way to hide the method - cheque row in the order successful template

    any ideas would be appreciated.


    Updated the following line in Payment.php:
       protected static $supported_methods = array('ChequePayment' => 'Cheque');
       protected static $supported_methods = array('ChequePayment' => 'Account'); //Changes payment method to Account in Checkout and Emails

    Added the following style to CheckoutPage.css:
    #RightOrder { display: none; } //Hides Payment Method Div

  • Kalileo
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    Re: Removing Cheque Payment Method *solved Link to this post

    @sypher, you might want to prefer to set that value in mysite/_config.php instead of patching ecommerce/Payment.php

    You can achieve the same effect as with your patch

    protected static $supported_methods = array('ChequePayment' => 'Account');

    simply by adding this to your mysite/_config.php :

    Payment::set_supported_methods(array('ChequePayment' => 'Account'));

    That way you can safely update ecommerce without having to re-apply your patch.

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