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  • powla
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    Displaying all product groups on one page Link to this post


    I'm in the middle of an urgent project whereby I need to display all product groups (and their children) on the one page. Is this possible ? I've tried altering the ProductGroup.ss template without any luck. (Supposed to look like this: http://www.chilu.com/cupcakebakery/ )

    I'm using: SilverStripe CMS - 2.3.1 & module: ecommerce v5.2

    My ProductGroup.ss code that's not working:

    <% if IsTopLevel %>
    <% if ChildGroups %>
             <div class="product_summary">
                <% control ChildGroups %>
                   <% if ChildGroups %>
                      <h3 class="productGroupTitle"><a href="$Link" title="<% sprintf(_t("VIEWGROUP","View the product group "%s""),$Title) %>">$Title</a></h3>
                      <ul id="ProductList">
                         <% control ChildGroups %>
                            <% if ChildProducts %>
    <% include ProductGroupItem %>
                            <% end_if %>
                         <% end_control %>
                   <% end_if %>
                <% end_control %>
          <% end_if %>
    <% end_if %>

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