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  • Rawbit
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    Multi-site e-commerce? Link to this post

    I have about 5 domains, for example one main one: www.sports.tld, and 4 other minor ones: www.hockey.tld, www.soccer.tld, www.rugby.tld, www.baseball.tld (just an example)

    www.sports.tld will essentially contain some if not all products for each of the other categories. Each of the remaing sites will showcase relevant products.

    Currently I am successfully able to use subsites module to achieve this with the e-commerce module. However there are two key problems I'd like some feedback on:

    1.) How can I force all of the final checkout/payment to a single domain (https://www.sports.tld). This will help because I won't need to purchase and manage 5 ssl certificates.

    2.) Is it possible to share the products between the websites? This way, If I have for example, a product 'Water bottle', and I need to update the picture and price - I won't need to update the image in 5 different places.

    Any advice appreciated!

  • Futureweb
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    Re: Multi-site e-commerce? Link to this post

    hi, would be interested to see how you got on with these questions...

  • Nicolaas
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    Re: Multi-site e-commerce? Link to this post


    I cant really give you any useful answers, but let us know how you get on.



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