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  • Llewe
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    e-commerce emails Link to this post

    I'm a newbie so apologies in advance. I have setup the e-commerce module [v0.5.2] and everything seems ok except I am not getting the emails sent out to the customer and shop. I have tried setting this in both the ecommerce config.php and the mysite config.php using

    // Set the email of the admin who looks after receiving the order emails.

    I have also set the admin email in mysite config.php using


    and this works, sending me two emails saying that "A message that you sent contained no recipient addresses"

    Why is it not picking up the email addresses? Am I setting this in the wrong place?

  • danqxx
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    Re: e-commerce emails Link to this post

    Hi, this is pretty old now but I had the same problem. It turned out to be a misordering of a parent constructor. Anyway the fix for me went like this:
    ecommerce>order.php line 1195 (roughly)

    class Order_receiptEmail extends Email {

       /*private static $StoreName = "Shop Sale";
       public function setStoreName($name){ $self->StoreName=$name; }
       public function getStoreName(){ return $self->StoreName; }*/
       protected $ss_template = 'Order_receiptEmail';
       public function __construct($to = null, $from = null, $subject = null) {
          $this->to = $to ? $to : '$Member.Email';
          $this->from = $from;
          $this->subject = $subject ? $subject : '$StoreName reference (#$ID)';
          if(!isset($this->from, $this->subject)) {
             user_error('From or subject for email have not been defined. You probably haven\'t called Order::set_email() in your _config.php file.', E_USER_ERROR);

    this is the fixed version. all i did was move the line


    to the beginning of the function.
    Hope this helps ;)

  • Nickt
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    Re: e-commerce emails Link to this post

    thanks so much - this does work!

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