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  • Debush
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    Silverstripe v Drupal Link to this post

    Hi - I am creating a new site and have the choice between Drupal or Silverstripe. Essentially the site is for selling clothing and so I am intrigued to know which Silverstripe ecommerce sites are out there. Also what have developers experienced with configuring Silverstripe v Drupal? Cheers.

  • boombox
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    Re: Silverstripe v Drupal Link to this post

    I haven't looked at Drupal but I am happy to reccommend Silverstripe for an online clothing store ecommerce solution - I have set up the following website for a clothing company www.performanceindustry.co.nz
    The ecommerce module does allow for variations on a product and is easy to customise for additional product fields
    There is bugs in payment gateways - at present I have a Paymex Credit card service (NZ based) and PayPal working (but not with IPN notification) but paymate (nz AU based ) is not working currenctly with ecommerce 0.6

    Silverstripe offers great usablity of a Website and CMS and easy installation of modules | widgets.
    The ecommerce modules is not in a mature phase as of yet but good for small ecommerce solutions

  • Zeroness
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    Re: Silverstripe v Drupal Link to this post


    SilverStripe is familiar to me as I've made couple of sites with it. I'm originally graphic designer, focused on astonishing graphics and well done CSS, but SilverStripe is simple enough even for me to work with. Anyways, in the future I might have to do one or more webstore sites and I also wonder how SilverStripe could handle it. I have thinked of especially certain question:

    The webstore project of mine is located in Finland and at the moment, targeted mostly for Finnish customers. In this case it's quite small business which makes any debit/credit card system too expensive. However, in Finland people have used to pay for years with direct bank transfer as long as a company behind a site seems real and therefore trustworthy. My question is, can I do this with SilverStripe?

    After an accecpted order, the system should give page that includes price, expiring date and most importantly, reference number that customer adds to the bill when he/she pays it. For me this doesn't sound technically very challenging, but I don't know how flexible e-commerce module of SilverStripe is. How difficult it is to pull off something like this?


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