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  • SSadmin
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    UserForms Upgrading Probelm Link to this post


    I met a probem with userdefine form upgrading.

    I try to use mollom and sapmprotector for userdefine form moduel. The one was built long time along, after i put up the mollom and spamprotection files, IT doesnt have a dropdown field type [spam protector field] for adding on in CMS backend. [i think its a old moduel].

    So i decide to ugrade the userform to 0.2

    canoot run "yoursite.com/dev/tasks/UserFormsMigrationTask" script.

    So. i decided manually upgrade the form moduel.
    ->1. backup all the sql table in case something happens..
    ->2. delete the old userforms moduel
    ->3. put up the new userforms moduel 0.2 i wish
    ->run dev/build

    BUT, Then i cannot get the CMS backend.
    run the "dev" model. it says :

    [User Error] Object::__call() Method 'markUnexpanded' not found in class 'UserDefinedForm'
    GET /admin

    Line 133 in /home/solartec/public_html/sapphire/core/Object.php

    Im thinking. the ss im using was on 2.3.1 .
    dont know is that a probelm run the new version of userforms.
    OR i have upgrade to new version of SS.

    Any advice?!
    Thx in advanced.

  • Willr
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    Re: UserForms Upgrading Probelm Link to this post

    Perhaps try upgrade the SS version to 2.3.6 and seeing if that has any issues.

    You should probably upgrade to the latest SS version anyway since the last couple releases have been security fixes.

  • SSadmin
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    Re: UserForms Upgrading Probelm Link to this post

    Thanks for your reply. Willr. Good to see you again.

    I did upgrade to ss.2.3.6. and installed the userforms 0.2. It all works.

    Did some research in the form about some previous posts. It said the ss.2.3.1 seems usaully met this problem. the upper vresion all works fine with userforms 0.2.

    The things concerns me for not rushing upgrading the site to lastest one is that, it still using old gallery moduel. dont sure things and api still works fine with new core SS core cms and javascript.

    After several testing, i did upgrade work from 2.3.1-> 2.3.6.

    Seems works alright by far..

    but thanks all the time.

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