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    Order Form Link to this post


    I am new to SS and am reading up as much as possible to further my knowledge on using this CSM.

    My query is do with forms (I have already downloaded the UserForms module - which is great!) and would like to know how best to approach the building of my order form.

    I know that there is an e-commerce module available to download, but the order form I would like to build would send the completed form entry to an email address rather than directing the customer to a payment gateway.

    I hope this layout best describes how I would like the form to look like:

    ORDER FORM                                       

    *Denotes Required Field      

    [               ]                        

    [               ]                           
    Turnaround time                                       
    [ ] Product 1                                       
    [ ] Product 2                                       
    [ ] Product 3                                       
    How many pages                                       
    [ ]                                       
    Project Details*                                    
    [               ]                           
    Upload files               or Link                     
    [               ]      [http://               ]   
    upload in .zip or .rar format - max 30MB                           
    Promo Code                                       
    [               ]                           
    Total cost of project £159                               


    The total cost of the project would be dynamically created based on if the customer chose Product 1, 2 OR 3 plus the amount of pages too.

    I would like to know if this form can be created with the e-commerce module or would I need to build the form from scratch? And if from scratch? Can anyone point me in the direction of a good tutorial? As not to knowledgeable with PHP.

    Thanks in advance!

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