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    How to translate Enum-based dropdowns Link to this post

    I've found that keeping a site multilingual is quite easy with Silverstripe except for a few parts.

    Recently I ran into trouble with some forms that are automatically generated by getFrontEndFields() (used extensively in this project).

    Some Dropdowns are generated from enum-type db-fields and they display the hardcoded strings from my datamodel. I didn't find an easy way to translate these so I resorted to hacking the core. I inserted the following function into Enum.php and redirected a call in the enumValues-function inside Enum.php.

    I hope that maybe someone can make use of this or, even better, maybe that someone has a better way to implement this without hacking core. I'm no programmer so this was created out of necessity.

    This then requires a line in a lang-file formatted something like:
    $lang['sv_SE']['Enum-ApartmentCategory']['LÄGENHET'] = 'Lägenhet';


    function translateArray($array) {
          foreach ($array as $key => $value) {
             $array[$key] = _t('Enum-'.$this->name.".".mb_strtoupper($key), $value);
          return $array;

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