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  • paaja
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    custom form template - action buttons? Link to this post


    i'm creating CMS module managing some DataObjects using subclass of ComplexTableField. I set custom template file for popup window form like this:

    // ...
    $table = new ServiceOrdersTableField($this, "ServiceOrders", "ServiceOrder", $section, $tableFields);

    template file ServiceAdmin_popup.ss looks like this:

    <form $DetailForm.FormAttributes>

    <div id="FirstName" class="field text">
    <label class="left" for="$DetailForm.FormName_Firstname">First name</label>:

    <div id="Email" class="field email">
    <label class="left" for="$DetailForm.FormName_Email">Email</label>:

    <% if Actions %>
    <div class="Actions">
    <% control Actions %>$Field<% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>

    Form inputs renders ok, but problem is with the action buttons - i can't find a way to display it in custom template.
    Default 'Save' button is added to the form in ComplexTableField_Popup constructor, but there isnt any documentation about how to display it.

    I'd be glad for some working example of custom template buttons or any directions.


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