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    403 after submitting a form with HTML Text Link to this post

    Has anyone had issues with saving a custom data object with HTML text? I've written some pretty basic code for a dataobject and a holder (Page) for that object and whenever I try saving the dataobject with more than one HTML paragraph tag? When adding or updating my dataobject in a popup or the modelAdmin, i get a 403 response in firebug and rerouted to the 404 page for the site. If the dataobject's HTML field is left blank, has one HTML paragraph, or multiple paragraphs in plain text the form saves correctly.

    I've tried returning true in the canEdit and canCreate functions, renaming fields, changing physical file permissions (i don't recommend that....it broke my site completely), using the TextareaField, HTMLEditorField, SimpleTinyMCEField....all of these yield the same results.

    And to complicate the search for the problem more, I downloaded my entire remote site, set up a local dev site, imported the remote database and everything works correctly.

    This tells me it's most likely a server configuration issue. Anybody have any clues as to where to start looking for the problem? My remote server is running (CentOS) Apache 2 and PHP 5.2.13 and my local site is (Mac OS X 10.6) Apache 2 and PHP 5.3.4.


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