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  • boosis
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    Form with custom template shows wrong validation errors Link to this post

    I have the following custom form

    $list = DataObject::get('AreaOfExpertise');
    foreach ($list as $l) {
    $source[$l->ID] = $l->Name;
    $fields = new FieldSet(
    new TextField('Customer'),
    new TextField('ProjectName'),
    new DateField('WinDate'),
    new TextareaField('Details'),
    new OptionsetField('AreaOfExpertiseID', 'Area Of Expertise', $source),
    new TextField('ProjectValueLength'),
    new TextField('DeliverTimeframe'),
    new TextField('ProjectTeam'),
    new TextField('Contact')
    $actions = new FieldSet(
    new FormAction('doSubmit', 'Submit')
    $requiredFields = array(
    $validator = new RequiredFields($requiredFields);
    $form = new Form($this, 'SubmissionForm', $fields, $actions, $validator);
    return $form;

    and my template for this form is

    <form $FormAttributes>
    <% if Message %>
    <p id="{$FormName}_error" class="message $MessageType">$Message</p>
    <% else %>
    <p id="{$FormName}_error" class="message $MessageType" style="display: none"></p>
    <% end_if %>

    <fieldset id="formContainer" class="clearfix NewWinForm">

    <div id="Customer" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_Customer">Customer</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(Customer)</div>
    <div id="ProjectName" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_ProjectName">Project name</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(ProjectName)</div>
    <div id="WinDate" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_WinDate">Win date</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(WinDate)</div>
    <div id="AreaOfExpertiseID" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_AreaOfExpertiseID">Area of expertise</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(AreaOfExpertiseID)</div>

    <div id="Details" class="row field textarea">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_Details">Project details</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(Details)</div>
    <div id="ProjectValueLength" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_ProjectValueLength">Project value/length</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(ProjectValueLength)</div>
    <div id="DeliverTimeframe" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_DeliverTimeframe">Delivery timeframe</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(DeliverTimeframe)</div>
    <div id="ProjectTeam" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_ProjectTeam">Project team</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(ProjectTeam)</div>
    <div id="Contact" class="row field text">
    <label class="left" for="{$FormName}_Contact">Contact</label>
    <div class="middleColumn">$dataFieldByName(Contact)</div>
    <div class="Actions">
    <% if Actions %>
    <% control Actions %>$Field<% end_control %>
    <% end_if %>

    When I submit the form, instead of "Please fill out "Customer", it is required." message I get "Please fill out "this", it is required."

    Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong? It's killing me...

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