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  • mishell
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    Nested Fieldsets Link to this post

    I have to nest a fieldsets, or something simmilar. Now I use

    $fields = new FieldSet;
    $fields->push($PosName = new CompositeField());

    foreach($objects as $row)
    $PosName->push(new FileUploadField('Dupa'.$i++,array(),$this));

    Only problem is that FileUploadField does not work in that configuration returning HTTTP ERROR.

    If I Use

    $fields->push(new FileUploadField(...));

    it works perfectly. But I have to make many instances of FUF. The reason I need nested composite fields is what I need data object set shown with fields and transposed.

    ITEM | A | B
    COL | 1 | 2
    COL2 | 1 | 2
    UPLOAD | 1 | 2

    It there any solution to this problem? I am fighting all day with this.

    Thanks in advance

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