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  • Drumstick
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    DependentDropdownField Link to this post


    Does someone understand how to use correct the DependentDropdownField?

    Like this it doesn't work...


    DependentDropdownField::create('ProductCategoryItem', 'ProductSubcategoryItem',

    Thanks for a tip.

  • Andre
    Community Member
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    Re: DependentDropdownField Link to this post

    Hi there, I have the same question.

    The Modules Description looks promising, but I have no Idea how to have two collections, where one is depending on the other (typical has_many relation) and map this to a dropdown and dependentdropdown field.

    Anyone here who got that ever to run?

    kind regards

  • innomedia
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    Re: DependentDropdownField Link to this post

    Hi guys,

    i managed to get this thing working. All you need to do is:
    - set the Dependant field wirth ->setDepends()
    - load the values in the dependant field via callback

    Here is how it worked for me:
    $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.RelatedArticles', $blogModuleField = DropdownField::create('BlogModule', 'Blog Module', BlogHolder::get()->sort('Title', 'ASC')->map('ID', 'Title')));
    $fields->addFieldToTab('Root.RelatedArticles', $articleField = DependentDropdownField::create('LinkedArticleID', 'Related Blog Article', array('News', 'DropdownBlogArticles'))->setEmptyString('(No Article Selected)'));

    public static function DropdownBlogArticles($parent_ = null){
    return BlogEntry::get()->filter('ParentID', $parent_)->sort('Date', 'DESC')->limit(50)->map('ID', 'Title')->toArray();
    } else {
    return BlogEntry::get()->sort('Date', 'DESC')->limit(50)->map('ID', 'Title')->toArray();

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