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  • Dipak
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    Reset Form Action Link to this post

    I have follwing problems

    1. After calling ResetFormAction i am unable to clear the validation error message.
    2. How can i get the form values in the submission tab of CMS as like UserDefinedForm

    Please help me out.
    Here is code snippet

    function Form() {
          return new Form($this, "Form", new FieldSet(

             // List your fields here
             new TextField("ContactPerson", "Contact Person"),
             new EmailField("Email", "Email address"),
             new DropdownField("Reason", "Your Reason", array(
    "Sales" => "Sales",
    "Marketing" => "Marketing")),
             new PhoneNumberField( $name = "PhoneNumber",
                            $title = "Phone Number "
             new TextareaField( $name = "Remarks",
                            $title = "Remark",
                            $rows = 8,
                            $cols = 3

          ), new FieldSet(

             // List the action buttons here
             new FormAction("SubmitAction", "Submit"),
             new ResetFormAction("ClearAction","Clear")

             new RequiredFields("ContactPerson","Email","Reason")

       * This function is called when the user submits the form.
       function SubmitAction($data, $form) {

          // Create a new RemarksDetails object and load the form data into it
          $Submissions = new ContactDetails();
          // Write it to the database. This needs to happen before we add it to a group
          $email = new Email();

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