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  • PeteF
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    Silverstripe Search Form Link to this post

    Hi guys

    I'm using the standard Searchform function within a theme in order to provide a site search facility.
    1: I'm just wondering where the CSS for this form is pulled in from?
    2: Also where is the PHP file that builds this form? Basically I want to restructure the way it builds the form so that it only uses one div instead of putting the input field and the button in two separate divs.


  • SuperBlues
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    Re: Silverstripe Search Form Link to this post

    I have exactly the same requirement. I used firebug to identify the elements and was able to edit the html in firebug to demonstrate the layout I require, but I am unable to find where the html is generated within SS. I did find a topic here where Will suggests a css change but I want to do this within the html.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

    Thank you

  • chrclaus
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    Re: Silverstripe Search Form Link to this post


    are you looking for the file sapphire/templates/SearchForm.ss? It is possible to create a second one in your themes.

    Best regards,

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