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    Mollom issues with userforms Link to this post

    I have SS 2.3.3 with the latest trunk of userforms, mollom, and spamprotection and am trying to get mollom to screen userform submissions. [I started with userforms 0.2, mollom 0.2, and spamprotection 0.2, but went to trunk releases in the hope of making further progress. The issue with all versions v0.2 is identical to what I'm seeing with the trunk releases.]

    I noticed from the description of mollom that it is supposed to work out-of-the-box for blogs (which I don't have) and Forums (which I don't have). Our site's main concern is userform stuffing being carried out against our forms from nations everywhere on the globe.

    I've reverted back to a state without any of these modules, and carefully integrated them one at a time, checking to see if everything installs and works correctly. Everything indicates success.

    mysite/_config.php is updated with the correct and verified (more than once!) mollom keys and spamprotection lines.

    One positive observation is that when mollom is installed & dev/build'ed, the site administration registers the new "Reports" area. However, the only content in this area is "Reports->mollom" which is blank (no "It's working" feedback, nor any errors).

    mollom's report for the site indicates 0 transactions...so something's amiss.

    Does this report only show valid status when it's connected through a Forum or Blog?

    Any tips on how to drill down to the crux of the issue with connecting mollom with userform submissions?

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