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  • Hankins
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    Passing Objects to a User Form Link to this post


    Can someone please help point me in the right direction for documentation, correct modules, and their usage to accomplish the following:

    I am building a website for our family dog kennel, I have built a custom location page that lists all of the available units vacant per location. Beside each available unit listing is a reserve button. The reserve button takes the user to a user defined form. Currently, the user defined form knows nothing about the unit(object) that the user selected to reserve on the previous page. How do I pass this information about the selected unit to the user defined reservation page. I have looked through the multiform module, but can't quite put it all together. I would like to be able to retain the functionality offered by the user defined form module, ie the "Form, On Complete, Submissions, E-Mail Recipients, etc."

    After I can successfully implement this functionality, is it possible to integrate the E-Commerce module in the following way with the reservation form:
    On the same Reservation Request Form, ask the user what additional supplies or services they are interested in, such as, a check box for each product or service. If a web visitor clicks "grooming" it should show services offered under grooming, pulled from the E-Commerce module such as "shampoo", "hair trim", etc. allowing the user to add these products or services to the reservation submission. The form is simply a reservation and product request, there is no checkout or payment functionality necessary at this time. If this type of functionality is to complex to develop with a intermediate knowledge of PHP, how much would it cost to have this developed. Recommendations?

    Thanks to everyone in advance.

  • rbquirke
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    Re: Passing Objects to a User Form Link to this post

    The user defined form module would not be the correct solution for you.

    You will need to create your own custom for to have it loaded with data based on the previous user action.

    Check out some of the tutorials on building forms.

    Integrating the e-commerce module in the way you specify would be quite tricky.

    How about this:
    - run everything within the e-commerce module
    - when a kennel is available, it is listed within a kennels section of e-commerce
    - when in use, just remove it from being available

    You could then cross-sell the other items that are already in the e-commerce module.

    That is just a quick thought, you would probably need to flesh it out a bit more....

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