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    Need help getting my form to validate Link to this post

    FYI, I'm a total n00b when it comes to SilverStripe so I'm not sure if anything I'm doing is right...

    My task: Add a small signup form to the footer of our entire website.

    What I'v done: I started off by creating a new 'User Defined Form' page to create the form. Then I copied the code for this form and placed it into my Footer.ss file. After tweaking the CSS I got everything to look right and the form does function including some validation. The problem is that the user doesn't get any kind of feedback to let them know if their entry is valid. If you put something that is not valid and click 'Submit' the page just refreshes. I would like the input box to show a red border when an invalid entry is detected.

    This is the page for the actual form: http://gg2staging.ggiagency.com/updates-signup and you can see the form I've added into the footer.

    So... what did I do wrong? Or what am I missing to make this work the way I want?

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