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  • xli
    Community Member
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    "Forgot password" page does not send email Link to this post

    Click on "forgot password" link from Forum page. Then fill in valid email address. Click on "Send me the password reset link". Got "Thank you! The password reset link has been sent to xxx@xxx.com". However, the email is not received by xxx@xxx.real.com.

    I tried to create a test php page on the same web site. PHP mail() function is called from the php page. The email is received. That means the web server and PHP setup are OK.

    SilverStripe version: 2.2.3
    Forum Module version: 0.1.2

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance.

  • ChrisBryer
    Community Member
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    Re: "Forgot password" page does not send email Link to this post

    your email probably doesnt have a 'from' address filled in, so it gets spammed, most likely.

    try adding this line of code to mysite/_config.php:


  • johnmblack
    Community Member
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    Re: "Forgot password" page does not send email Link to this post

    We had the same problem, and tried everything, including the above suggestion and also some suggestions found at http://www.burnbright.co.nz/how-to-set-up-email-bounce-handling-using-silverstripe-and-cpanel/.

    For us, the problem turned out to be the DNS setup that we had done with our hosting provider. For example, if your website is www.xyz.com, and you have an outside provider to host the website, but handle email (@xyz.com) in-house or with a different provider, then you have to be careful how you set up subdomains or parked domains. In our case, the email function was actually working, but the web host's system was trying to take a shortcut with the delivery, saying "this email is addressed to someone at @xyz.com, and *I* am @xyz.com, so I won't bother going to the internet with it", and then of course the email is never delivered because this provider handles web only and not mail. The web host company had to make some more-granular settings related to our DNS handling and then all these kinds of email issues, including the SilverStripe admin emails, were fixed.

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