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  • wildflower1975
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    custom getForumFields method Link to this post

    I've followed the instructions in the wiki to create a separate getForumFields method in my own class 'Role' that extends the DataObjectDecorator and included the DataObject::add_extension('Member', 'CustomForumRole');

    statement in my config.php file but when i go to


    the form always shows the fields stated in the getForumFields method from ForumMemberProfile.php

    I can alter the fields using updateForumFields in my CustomForumRole.php but I would like more control on the layout and order of the fields that update can give. (I want to add address details etc to the form)

    I don't want to be hacking at the Forum module code so i can upgrade it later without having to redo the Hacks.

    I'm not sure i can explicitly state a custom template to use either like I can with my own forms.



    actually insertBefore and insertAfter work quite well in the updateForumFields method thus:


    guess I'll have to style it with CSS in the end

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