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  • Oakleaf
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    Forum Registration: 3 hours of errors Link to this post

    Took me over 3 hours to sign up for this Forum; it was by far the most difficult I've seen in over 10 years of web surfing and joining many forums. First, it used the most difficult type of Captcha available. For the 8% of web users whose eyes are not perfect, it is impossible. I had to drive over to a young nephew's house to get his help at reading it.
    But then, it refused to accept any of my 5 emails! (And each time, we had to fill out the entire form again, and then go through the Captcha gauntlet yet again). I then called a friend, who let me use one of his email accounts, at comcast, to get it to go through.
    But then, repeated attempts brought up every time this error:
    "Security token doesn't match, possible CSRF attack"
    (And again, another 5 or 10 mintues with each try, needing to refill the forms and re-do the captcha. I ended up paying my nephew $50 for his time.).
    3 hours later, I got on, and luckily, was able to then switch to my actual email account, rather than my friends.
    What I read about Silverstripe CMs sounds good, but the Forum registration is undoubtedly the worst on the internet. No end-user customer/client anywhere would spend more than 5 or 10 minutes trying to sign up, let alone 3 hours!!

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