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  • mccarville
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    Delete a thread? Link to this post

    I feel like this is a very dumb question, and if I am missing something obvious I apologize for my ignorance...

    I just installed the latest release of the forums forum-0.2rc1.tar.gz and for the life of me I can not find a way do delte a thread!?

    I was testing my functionality and posted a thread called 'test post'... Obviously I want to remove this thread from the forum but I can't figure out how to remove a thread.

    Any thoughts out there??

  • Sean
    Forum Moderator
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    Re: Delete a thread? Link to this post

    Good point.

    It's not very obvious because the forum has no notion of a "Thread" object of any kind.

    Instead, the first post in a "thread" needs to be deleted to get rid of the entire thread, because it acts as the parent.

    As a future enhancement, we'll probably want to introduce an additional object like Thread, so that Posts are children of this Thread instead of Posts being children of a top-level Post which is horribly confusing.


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