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  • hiks
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    forum styling Link to this post


    two questions about forum module:

    1. Does anybody know, why the first post is displayed correct, but all other the right posterContent area is below the posterInformation? It's right on the right side, but it seems to have a top margin or padding... strange!
    Edit: It doesn't have a top-margin or top-padding it moved down by the posterInformation height. It has the right margin-left, seams to e a problem with the <div>. Both (posterinformation and postercontent have float: left, so they should be displayed side-by-side, as in the first post, where it's working fine! Still strange!

    2. Where can I find the bbcode-parser? At the moment [quote ]abc[/quote ] is parsed as <q><p>abc</p></q>, I want him to parse it like <q>quote:<p>abc</p></q>

    Damn, there's almost a third question: I use SS 2.3.2 in 2 languages (german and english). One problem is, that both languages have the same forum categories, so no problem, I have to use language independant categories. Now I want to use i18n to display forum in english on the english page and in german on the german translation. Unfortuneatly forum doen't use the current translatable language itself, so I created this code in Page.ss:
    switch($curLang) {
       case "de":
    but this won't work, just a few words are translated into german AND this will also differ from side to side!
    Example: "The X Posts in XTopics by Xmembers", on some pages all words are translated, on some just Posts is translated. All pages use the same *.ss. Strange too.

    Thanks a lot

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