SilverStripe Framework Features

Our object-relational mapper takes care of your data

You only need to define your data model using our easy to learn, object-oriented PHP5 syntax. We'll build the database for you, and update its schema whenever it needs to change. We'll give you easy to use methods for accessing relationships. We even provide you with forms for editing your data model—both simple properties and complex relationships.

Build your web forms in no time

You are sure to build plenty of forms in any application you build. We give you a helping hand by scaffolding sophisticated forms for you to edit. If you need something more tailored, you can still rely on our extensive library of form fields to get you there more quickly.

Reuse your code

Everything you make in SilverStripe Framework can be broken down into modules. This includes all the code, templates, and even configuration files. With extensions (aka mix-ins), you can make modules that modify the behaviour of other, more core, modules. The end result: a framework that is perfect for creating modular, reusable code.

Free UIs and APIs

Tell Framework about your data model, and you will get three interfaces for free, a RESTful API, a SOAP API, and an administrative editing interface.

A template engine for the front-end gurus

Why should template authors need to wade through PHP script to bring their ideas to life? Our template engine is deliberately simple, keeping application logic in the model and controller layers where it belongs. You have complete control of your HTML, enabling you to take advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 to your heart’s content. Our requirements system will look after your JavaScript and CSS includes.

All the fundamentals

SilverStripe Framework also provides friendly URLs, a powerful security model, server-side caching for high performance, support for multiple languages and Unicode, and it is cross platform (Linux, Mac, Windows servers; MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server 2008 databases).

Commercially supported open source

The framework is released under the open source BSD license, with its development taking place publicly in collaboration with the community on GitHub and a mailing list. You can get commercial support if you need it, through SilverStripe Ltd, its partners, and developer network.

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