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  • kevino
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    Specific value IF statement Link to this post

    I want to be able to make an IF statement based on the value of the field entered in the cms.
    The field I have is a drop down, so it's controllable to an extent.

    I currently have a filedataobjectmanager where one of the values is a catogory.
    I've then got a jqury filtering system setup where the files are filtered by download categories.

    What I want to acheive is to only show the filter button for file types which are there, so I never have an empty area.

    I'm thinking something along these lines:

    <ul id="downloads-menu">
       <li class="title">Select Type</li>
          <li class="current"><a href="#nogo">All</a></li>
          <% if Category(financial-information) %><li><a href="#nogo">Financial Information</a></li><% end_if %>
          <% if Category(management-information) %><li><a href="#nogo">Management Information</a></li><% end_if %>
          <% if Category(uk-specific) %><li><a href="#nogo">UK Specific</a></li><% end_if %>

    How would I acheive this. I know "<% if Category(uk-specific) %>" doesn't work - but what will?


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