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  • lise
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    [RESOLVED] Jquery UI / Tabs ....Duplicate content Link to this post

    I am experiencing the exact same problem I have seen reported in a Google group :

    The problem:
    "I'm using jQuery 1.3.2 and UI 1.7.2 and having a little problem with
    my tabs implementation, and I'm totally stumped.

    When I look at the generated source of my page it appears that the
    whole page is being loaded again within the tab panel, I'm guessing
    thru ajax.
    I wondered if it was to do with the base tag causing the tabs to load
    the linked content, but removing it didn't change anything."

    The solution posted by this user:
    "I worked it out - it was my CMS that was rewriting the page anchors so
    that there was a forward slash in front of them - which was triggering
    the Ajax load.

    I've stopped the rewrite and all is well . "

    Unfortunately, the person did not mention which CMS he/she was using but ...
    do you think it is the same problem I am having here. It looks actually exactly the
    same : the content of the tabs is repeated twice : once with the all html markup added
    by the Jquery-UI lib and a second time as they are in the template.

    Does this has to do with forward slash added by SS ? Could it be stopped?
    Help me!! Many thanks !

    Edit (a few days later ..) :
    I found an interesting and helpful Forum entriy :


    I added :

    SSViewer::setOption('rewriteHashlinks', false);

    to my config file and it worked.

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