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  • lise
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    Drag&Drop + order of pages problems Link to this post


    I run SS 2.3.3 and experience two different problems in CMS :

    a) as reported by other members, the Drag&Drop does not seem to work (when the "Allow drag & drop" is checked) as soon as the pages are at level2 or below (works fien in Level1). The workaround is to go to the Behavior tab and change the parent page. But this does not resolve the next problem.

    b) After I manage to have the pages in the right place in the CMS tree, <% control children %> does not return them
    in the same order in the navigation menu . For example, my CMS shows :

    + Product1
    - Overview
    - FAQ
    - Quote
    - Testimonials

    In my navigation menu (created with <% control Children %>), pages show in this order :

    - Testimonials
    - FAQ
    - Overview
    - Quote

    Is there a way (out of CMS) to force the order of the pages?
    Is this a known problem in 2.3.3 or am I doing something wrong?

    Any workaround or suggestion?


  • tobych
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    Re: Drag&Drop + order of pages problems Link to this post

    Two approaches:

    1. Try more recent versions. You should be using 2.3.4 if possible, as it fixes bugs in 2.3.4. Try 2.3.4, at least on a development machine. Then try the latest version on the 2.3 branch in Subversion.

    2. Search the bug database. Here's a query to get you going:



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