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  • yurigoul
    Community Member
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    Help with the _t function Link to this post

    Can someone please explain to me how I have to use the _t function in my templates with php and with js?

    I have translatable and i18n turned on in my config and everything seems ok (login page is German and I can create translations)

    In sapphire/lang/de_DE.php it says: $lang['de_DE']['SearchForm']['SEARCH'] = 'Suche';
    In sapphire/lang/en_US.php it says: $lang['de_DE']['SearchForm']['SEARCH'] = 'Search';

    I use _t('SEARCHFORM.SEARCH') in my page.php to set the text of the searchbutton, but the searchbutton gets no text (and there is no error).

    i18n.js loads de_DE and en_US language files, and the translation for SEARCHFORM.SEARCH is in those files. However, if I use <% _t('SEARCHFORM.SEARCH') %> the result is again empty.

    I have looked everywhere in wiki and forum and book, but I can not find anything, so it must be something fairly obvious that I am missing

  • Juanitou
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    Re: Help with the _t function Link to this post


    Well, SearchForm and SEARCHFORM are two different strings, aren’t they?

    Hope it helps,

  • yurigoul
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    Re: Help with the _t function Link to this post

    Ok both now work, I feel a bit stupid

    I thought one would go over the js and one not, but they both go over the php

    Alas they are now somehow both in german... I will look into it

    EDIT: it worked completely as soon as I reinserted the code below into the page_controller->init even though it changes the language of the login form (part is in german, the other part is in english):

    if($this->dataRecord->hasExtension('Translatable')) {

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