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General questions about getting started with SilverStripe that don't fit in any of the categories above.

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  • ijasnijas
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    Re: creating a logout link Link to this post


    I think this is more simple and helped me alot.

    // mysite/code/Page.php -> Page_Controller

       public function IsLoggedIn(){
             return true;

       public function CurrentUser(){
          return Member::currentUser();      

    // In your template File

       <% if IsLoggedIn %>
          <li id="logged-in" class="mainmenu">
             <% control CurrentUser %>
                <span>You are logged in as </span>
                   <% if FirstName && Surname %>
                      $FirstName $Surname
                   <% else_if FirstName %>
                   <% else %>
                   <% end_if %>
                (<a href="Security/logout" id="LogoutLink">Logout</a>)
             <% end_control %>
       <% else %>
          <li id="login" class="mainmenu"><a href="Security/login?BackURL=$Link">Login</a></li>
       <% end_if %>

  • Optic Blaze
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    Re: creating a logout link Link to this post


    When creating a logout link in Silverstripe 3.1 i got the following error:
    [Strict Notice] Non-static method Security::logout() should not be called statically ....

    Looked at the docs. And used the following in page.php Also created link in .ss template as per earlier posts on this topic

    public function logout($redirect = true) {
    $member = Member::currentUser();
    if($member) $member->logOut();

    This worked for me

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