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  • Ryan M.
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    urlParams - more info Link to this post

    I see this bit of code being used in some places: $this->urlParams['']. I've seen an ID or an Action being passed with this, and you can pass something off to this by appending it to the url, such as: http://domain.com/Page/actionname. My questions are, how deep can this go? How does it know what I'm passing is an ID or some kind of action, or something else? Does it matter if I reverse the order up, like... domain.com/Page/actionname/ID or domain.com/Page/ID/actionname

    Just looking for some light to be shed on this particular thing.

  • banal
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    Re: urlParams - more info Link to this post

    It's always Action/ID/OtherID.
    This is defined as a "rewrite-rule" in sapphire/_config.php

    Director::addRules(1, array(
       '$URLSegment//$Action/$ID/$OtherID' => 'ModelAsController',

    You can create your own rules if you need other syntax or more parameters.
    Update: Action usually refers to a method on the controller. Eg. somepage/test calls the "test" method on the somepage controller

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