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  • dizzystuff
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    Guidance on implementing Members Only Area with different theme to Public Area Link to this post

    Hi Guys

    I'm currently building a site for an educational company which is split into two sections - the public area (the standard public site - visitors can browse services, contact form, home page, etc) and a students-only private area (not the cms admin but a students-only zone with resources, timetables, policies, forum, etc).

    I can see how to do this with groups/roles/permissions/etc - but the two areas require different themes and this is where I've gotten stuck.

    As an additional requirement I'd like the students-only zone to run off a separate domain (http://my.domainhere.com) - not *necessary* but preferred if poss.

    After trawling the forums and Google and scouring the SilverStripe book and documentation, I've got a few options that I think might work but I just don't have the dev experience with SilverStripe yet to know which is the best path to go down.

    Could an SS Wizard offer some advice/guidance on how to implement the above setup?

    So far I've considered using the Subsites module - but I'm mostly concerned about the lack of documentation and its stability. I know I could do the separate domains with this mod, and be able to switch between the public and private zones of the site with it but... I'm just not sure.

    I also found something (prob in these forums but I can't recall) adding a choice of theme via the admin at the top level of the tree and then letting it cascade down... I'm being a bit vague because it was just before Christmas that I looked at this method but hopefully I've made sense enough that you can understand what I mean

    I would really appreciate either some pros/cons of either or both of the above methods, or suggestions for a better way to implement this. Feel free to shoot me questions and I'll do my best to be as specific as you need. Thanks in advance!

  • tobych
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    Re: Guidance on implementing Members Only Area with different theme to Public Area Link to this post

    I've not used the subsites module but it does look like that module is what you need. If you don't hear from someone on the forum who knows about the current status you could ask on the IRC channel or email.

    Revision logs:


    Defects and patches:


    Forum posts:


    It does appear that development on this has ground to a halt a bit... I'm new to how open source projects work on the ground but I guess there's noone needing it so much that they're either willing to fix the patches themselves or able to find someone else to do it, paid or otherwise. I don't know the core team prioritise work on modules but I imagine they've no current projects that require this module... I really don't know.

    Toby "I know nothing" Champion

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