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  • Bambii7
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    any luck with soap/v1/wsdl Link to this post

    Hi all. I've been tiring to play with SOAP all day with little luck.

    The example code
    $c = new SoapClient('http://mysite.com/soap/v1/wsdl');
    echo $c->getXML("MyClassName", 99); // gets record #99 as xml

    Was producing fatal errors.

    I've tried creating a SoapClient in non WSDL mode. I don't really understand it all. But this appears to work. But I think the URI is wrong, and I don't know what the URI would be.

          $c = new SoapClient(null,
             "location" => "http://localhost/ss/silverstripe-v2.3.4/soap/v1/wsdl",
    "uri" => "",
             'encoding' => SOAP_ENCODED,
             'soap_version' => SOAP_1_1,
             "style" => SOAP_RPC,
             "use" => SOAP_ENCODED,

    When I visit the wsdl I see
    definitions targetNamespace="http://localhost/ss/silverstripe-v2.3.4/SOAPModelAccess/wsdl"
    Wouldn't I want to use SOAPModelAccess/wsdl instead of soap/v1/wsdl when setting up the soap client. It produces the same errors. But I remember reading something about using the same namespace as on the wsdl.

    I'm using windows on my localhost, and PHP 5.2.6. There was a bug with windows PHP and SOAP but I think it's OK now. I've tried making a connection with a SilverStripe install on my Linux host, but exact same issue.

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